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The Last Thursday of October is here!

We all know that October is a spooky month - a time, when “the dead come alive”. What if we could take our ghosts for a walk across Riga's art spaces? I think they would be interested to see something new for a change.

So, what is happening this Last Thursday? Let's have a look at the galleries that participate in this month's event:

  • 427 offers us to see “Tempo Tempo” a vision by Albin Looström (Sweden): “We may feel some unexplainable longing for that world where paintings and objects that seem to move along and make faces. Do you reply with a wink?”

(We sure do. ;))

  • Aminori is displaying artworks by Kristīne Rublovska. Working on this exhibition helped author survive the pandemic and inspired new topics that she continues to tackle. As she admits, the exhibition is a story about continuity. “This is my playground, the results of creative exploration, my fairy tales, created by accident or staged and inspired by everyday situations.”

  • ISSP still welcomes those, who haven't seen Bjargijas Olafsdotiras (Iceland) exhibition “The Dog Within”. For anyone who has ever loved an animal - this exhibition is dedicated to the relationship between humans and their canine pets. Maybe you will find something familiar there.

  • LMA exhibition point NAGLA welcomes viewers to observe contemporary paintings by Ivars Pommers. What's special about it - the artist applied blackcurrant juice on sugar cubes to create a portrait of his grandfather Jānis Lustiķis. A true intrigue for those who love a good mystery. + From 7-9 PM artist Ieva Stašene will have a very special workshop for RLT visitors!

  • LOOK gallery has prepared a whole new exhibition opening by Ance Eikena “Dusi pieglaudies man klāt”, which explores the call of nature to become one with your inner child. The works that are displayed are from many different times in the artist's life, even childhood and deals with the themes of self soothing, searching and understanding. The installation also includes lullabies, made specifically for the exhibition by Līva Vilnīte – Panteļējeva.

  • Gallery LOW has decided to expose our inner online tragedies with the solo exhibition CAN'T DELETE! – a critical reaction, tinged with irony, to the meme "Felt Cute, might delete later". Large-scale paintings melt and fuse digital pixels into the figurative painting tradition, in a direct reference to the analogue/digital divide, and the representation of the female body in both an art historical and contemporary online context.

  • M/Gallery offers a multimedia exhibition opening called “BOURZMA 22: exhibition,” which is created in reference to the “BOURZMA 22” event, which took place over the summer. The event aimed to give young artists a platform to express themselves creatively. For 3 days, young designers, photographers and DJs created a modern project which will now be transformed to video and photo format at M/Gallery. What to expect? We have no idea!

  • Galerija Rāmis - exhibition opening that provides any spectator to lose themselves in the abstract world of Madara Gulbis. The artist focuses on capturing a special moment, imitating nature without copying it and celebrating color in a very special way.

  • Typewriter Museum, this time collaborating with the art space Provodniks, can take you back in time to the age when writing was a different kind of game. Oh, and by the way, how many typewriters have you seen in your life?

  • Swedbank Gallery is participating in RLT for the first time with a collaborative exhibition by two artists Kristine Luize Avotina and Ilze Avotina. "The Face of Peace” manifests a constant process of transformation and faith in the good. Specifically for RLT evening the PopUp Art Cafe will be open till 22.00!

Do you think you can see them all in one night? We recommend deciding on the must-haves and then have fun with the rest.

Oh, and don't forget to join us at the Afterparty at 22:00 in M/Gallery, where all beings - humans and ghosts alike will be able to move with the music of Henri Laķis.

Sounds good? Make the plans, take pictures and please, don't delete later.

See you soon!


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