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About Us

Gallery evening, every last Thursday of the month

Riga Last Thursdays is a monthly event celebrating contemporary art and culture in Riga. Join us on the last Thursday of every month as we explore the city's vibrant galleries, pop-up spaces, and cultural institutions. Experience a diverse range of exhibitions, performances, and events, featuring local and international artists. 

riga last thursdays gallery evening cultural event free contemporary art kim riga confidential

Kim? "Riga Confidential"

Photo by Olha Vorobyova

Our Story

Our Story

RLT, or Rīga Last Thursdays, is a cultural event that takes place on the last Thursday of each month, where contemporary art galleries in Rīga stay open until 22:00, giving visitors an opportunity to explore new exhibitions. Some galleries also organise special events, including Meet The Artist (MA), Exhibition Opening (EA), and Workshops (W), providing visitors with a unique and immersive experience into the art world. After the galleries close, visitors are invited to attend an Afterparty at the cultural centre M/Darbnīca.


Launched in September 2021, RLT was created to bring together contemporary art spaces in Riga and provide an easy, accessible, and fun way for visitors to discover new exhibitions. The event's goals are to promote the Latvian art scene internationally, support local art spaces, and provide opportunities for new or pop-up spaces to gain recognition alongside more established institutions.


Organised by M/Gallery, RLT is led by Elen Šalina, a curator and social media specialist who spent 10 years working in the art field in London before returning to Riga. Along with support from Maija Moira Mazanova, Director of M/Darbnīca and M/Gallery, the project is committed to reaching new audiences and making contemporary art more approachable and accessible to all age groups. 


RLT is always free to attend, making it a great opportunity for everyone to discover and enjoy contemporary art in a relaxed and informal setting.

Meet The Team

contemporary art gallery walk event culture riga last thursdays free gallery night elen salina

Elen Šalina

Founder of Riga Last Thursdays

contemporary art gallery walk event culture riga last thursdays free gallery night maija moira mazanova

Maija Moira Mazanova

Director of M/Darbnīca


Anete Kalēja

Project Manager for Riga Last Thursdays

Art Spaces

Participating Art Spaces

Since September 2021, we have had more than 50 participants. Every month the participating galleries list changes, depending on availability.

  • 427

  • Ag

  • Alksnājs

  • Aminori

  • Bārs Liepa

  • Birkenfelds

  • Bolderaja

  • Briania

  • Brīvība

  • De.ģenerācija

  • DOM

  • ISSP


  • Kim?

  • Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art

  • Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija 

  • Liepa

  • LOOK

  • Low gallery

  • M/Gallery

  • mmāja

  • Māksla XO

  • MASA

  • Neoklasika



  • Provodņiks

  • Rāmis

  • Rīgas Augstākā Galerija

  • Totaldobže

  • Tu jau zini Kur

  • TUR

  • Smilga

  • Zuzeum

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