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RLT recommends: May

Step into the warmth of summer with us at our gallery walk on May 30th! Let's revel in the warmth as we explore the world of art.

This month, RLT team has selected 5 galleries we recommend!

ISSP: Contemporary Histories of Photography I 

The exhibition "Contemporary Histories of Photography I" launches a two-part exhibition series at the ISSP Gallery as part of the Riga Photography Biennial 2024, bringing together several artists' perspectives and interpretations on the process of writing a local history of photography.

ISSP Avotu iela 34: ISSP School 1st year students, performative exhibition "Try on marriage"

The ISSP School students' photo exhibition "Try on Marriage" offers all interested individuals the opportunity to "try on marriage" by being photographed in the traditional symbol of marriage – a white wedding dress.

During the performance, photographers will seek to answer the question – what does marriage mean today?

All interested individuals of all ages and genders are invited to the performative exhibition, where they can participate in the performance and take on the role of models. Perhaps someone for whom marriage has remained an unfulfilled dream will heal their heart by putting on a wedding dress. For someone else, it might be an opportunity to relive beautiful past memories. Others might simply get an interesting photograph, promise the ISSP photographers. Please register here:

KALVE Espresso Room No.3 - Miera iela 19: Dance & Brews: Late Night Contemorary

DANCE & BREWS: Late Night Contemporary is a collaboration between choreographer Sintija Žīgure and Kalve Espresso Room. This event aims to increase the accessibility and exposure of contemporary dance in Latvia. By using commercial spaces for performances the artists will be able to reach audiences that might not typically seek to explore the world of dance.

The themes of the piece reflect the goal of the event, particularly the theme of “unity.” The dancers will begin the piece exploring their own individual space through the perspective of “creatures.” They will slowly be drawn towards the center of the room, as they do their perspective will gradually shift from “creature” to “human.” Together they will explore the duality of self-expression within a community.


On 24 May, the gallery turns five years old! Since 2019, LOOK Gallery has hosted 46 exhibitions, showcasing the work of countless Latvian artists, as well as, in some cases, presenting the work of artists working in the Baltic States.

To celebrate the achievements, the LOOK team has launched a call for new work from artists in their community with whom they have collaborated over the past five years. Following the theme, artists are invited to become part of a "salon" type group exhibition, expressing their vision of the ways in which it is possible to "work" or accept and live according to the new world order in today's reality. Territorial and social unrest, individual challenges and the undefinable boundaries of the virtual environment.

TUR: Bas de Boer "Shelter"

The opening exhibition of TUR's Summer series “ Breaking Down Structures of Affection” brings to the space a collection of scale models that refer to dystopian realities, and the many greenhouses that Dutch artist Bas de Boer encountered on his many previous visits to Latvia. De Boer is TUR's residency artist for the month of May and spent this period building “Shelter.”

We invite you to conclude the gallery evening at M/Gallery (A.Briāna iela 9), where the Afterparty will take place with Erna Daugaviete and Kaspars Groševs.


20:00-22:00 | Erna Daugaviete | cello and pedals, solo concert

22:00-late | Kaspars Groševs | DJ set

See you soon!

Project supported by VKKF (Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds) and M/Gallery.


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