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Riga Last Thursdays is a gallery evening, happening every last Thursday of the month. A number of contemporary art galleries stay open from 18:00 until 22:00 with free exhibitions, workshops, DJ nights, and more. 

This event is an opportunity to explore Riga's contemporary art scene in one day. Participants range from photography, commercial art galleries, to artist studios, cultural centres, and pop-up spaces.

Riga Last Thursdays is organised by Elen Šalina, curator of M/Gallery. Entry only with COVID certificates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

17 past participants include 427, Ag, Aminori, Brīvība, DOM, ISSP, Kim?, LMA, LOOK, Low gallery, M/Gallery, Māksla XO, MASA, Neoklasika, PILOT, Rīgas Augstākā Galerija, Tu jau zini Kur.

Next Riga Last Thursdays is 31st March 2022. Participating galleries are 427, Ag gallery, ISSP, Kim?, LOOK, Low gallery, M/Gallery, PILOT.


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