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29 February 2024: RLT XXIX

Gallery evening, every last Thursday of the month

Riga Last Thursdays is a monthly event celebrating contemporary art and culture in Riga. Join us on the last Thursday of every month as we explore the city's vibrant galleries, pop-up spaces, and cultural institutions. Experience a diverse range of exhibitions, performances, and events, featuring local and international artists. 

This month, we are joined by 24 art spaces: Aminori, Art RC Gallery, Bazar’t, Bārs Liepa, CUT ART gallery, DOM, Dziesmusvētku telpa, Dzirnavu iela 60A-21,  Galerija Birkenfelds, galerija ISTABA, Galerija MuseumLV, Hyper radošais centrs, ISSP, LOOK, MASA studija, M/Gallery , Galerija Māksla XO, Maxim Boxer Gallery, Mākslas un Rotu studija Liepa, PILOT, Rīgas mākslas telpa, TUR . Newcomers: RIXC gallery, RSU Anatomijas muzejs.

Gallery List

Gallery List

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