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RLT recommends: January 2024

Greetings, Art Enthusiasts!

Riga Last Thursdays welcomes you to embark on another exciting gallery walk. This month, we've handpicked some exhibitions to make your art stroll a memorable experience. Bundle up and explore the diverse artistic expressions waiting to captivate your senses.

This month, our team has selected 5 galleries we recommend!

Kim?: Open Call exhibitions - Annemarija Gulbe, Gundega Strauberga & Ieva Jakuša, Karlīna Mežecka

Witness the creative prowess of emerging talents as Kim? showcases the winners of Open Call 2023. Three distinct exhibitions - "Faith to Believe - Or Not," "Archive of Fragility," and "Cheap Destinations" offer a glimpse into the diverse voices echoing through contemporary art.

TUR: Luīze Rukšāne "Folding Lines”

Immerse yourself in Luīze Rukšānes world of true-to-life graphite drawings, inspired from the tablet photos her grandmother sends from the threshold of her home which document the weather and any other goings on. "Folding Lines" explores the inter-generational relationship, transforming digital snapshots into drawings that delicately balance light and shadow, revealing the intricate layers of connection.

LOOK: Textile art exhibition "Pavediens"

Delve into the latest trends in Latvian textile art with exhibition “Pavediens." This group exhibition showcases the creative practices of ten female artists, offering a vibrant tapestry of contemporary textile artistry. You’ll be able to see works by Lienīte Slišāne, Monta Beca, Anastasija Hodarenoka, Baiba Zalcmane, Beāte Bērziņa, Ieva Lapiņa, Jekaterina Kovaļenko Gromova, Laura Dzērve, Paula Vēvere and Kate Putniņa.

Māksla XO: Juris Peraškevičs & Luciana Mariano

Explore the depths of expression in Juris Petraškevičs "Undefined Gestures," where drawings on silk paper transform into three-dimensional narratives. In parallel, experience Luciana Mariano's "Finding Home," a poignant exploration of the emotional journey of relocation through art.

PILOT: BDO Young Artist Award

This is the fourth BDO Young Artist Award exhibition and its aim is to support young artists after graduation from the LMA Master's degree from the visual, visual plastic or audio-visual media art departments in order to promote the artist's visibility and professional career development after graduation. The winner will receive a prize of EUR 2 000. This year's group of finalists consists of five artists, Marta Viktorija Agruma, Katrīna Ieva, Dzelde Mierkalne, Annemarija Gulbe and Agate Tūna.

This January, let the vibrant art scene of Riga enchant you. See you soon!

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