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RLT: Creative Quarters

Provodņiks in October, Sporta 2 kvartāls in November, Briāna kvartāls in December, Vagonu Hall in January, Tallinas ielas kvartāls in February, 2023/2024

RLT collaboration with

Every month from October to February, we focus on one of Riga's creative quarters, offering free guided tours to learn about the history, present and future of its industrial heritage.


Highlighting Riga's creative districts, lectures, and other creative events were created every month involving Riga's industrial heritage districts - Provodņiks in October, Sporta 2 kvartāls in November, Briāna kvartāls in December, Vagonu Hall in January, Tallinas ielas kvartāls in February.

Our goal is to highlight the importance of Riga's creative quarters, which play a crucial role in the cultural landscape and significantly contribute to the growth of the art scene in Latvia. These quarters not only possess a rich historical heritage, but also present ample opportunities and face various challenges.

Where does art truly reside in Riga? Is it confined solely to museums and galleries? RLT collaborated with, a creative urban experiments club, to delve into this question.

Our joint objective is to draw the public's attention to the phenomenon of creative districts. They are more than just trendy hipster hangouts; they serve as vital mechanisms for urban revitalization. How do galleries and artists' studios emerge and thrive in these areas, and what benefits do they bring to society?


The project was developed in collaboration with the SLO Young Folks urban club,, which will research the significance of Riga's industrial heritage in the cultural and artistic environment of Riga. In partnership with residents of Riga's creative quarters, architects, and urban designers, the club will prepare informative materials for use in excursions, presentations, and digital environments.

The event is supported by VKKF.

riga last thursdays m_gallery art e fakti exhibition outdoor briana a.briana 9 cultural qu

"Art e fakti" exhibition with 15 artists

Briania, A. Briāna 9, Rīga
Summer 2023

Artists were chosen through an Open Call

Curated by Spāre Vitola and Elen Šalina

From 29 June until 29 August 2023, the Briāna Street courtyard, located between the concert venues and the galleries M/Darbnīca, K. K. von Stricka Villa, One One and Skapis, will host the open-air exhibition Art e fakti. This summer, 14 artists are participating: Haralds Saknītis, Haralds Dravnieks, Atis Izands, Anete Aramina, Nastassia Navitskaya, Gints Virgilijs Tilks, Oto Holgers Ozoliņš, Olga Antipenko, Elya Asadullaeva, Heidija Ūberga & Dāgs Mors, Paintbyrobot, Roberts Bāliņš and Dārta Berkmane.

Art e fakti" is an open-air exhibition that delves into the diverse layers of human experience, revealing the material and immaterial sediments that shape our collective histories and personal stories. Each work of art serves as a testimony to the lasting imprint of human existence, inviting visitors to discover hidden stories, reinterpret narratives of the past and engage in a dialogue about the meaning of our common heritage.

The exhibition aims to recall an archaeological excavation, where each work of art is like a precious artefact that wants to be unearthed and explored. Each artist's current reflections reveal the shared unconscious of us all, yearning to be experienced, explored and perpetuated.

The event is supported by Riga City Council.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 12.13.41.png

The Art Academy of Latvia and Riga Last Thursdays open the event series "ART WORKS"

The Art Academy of Latvia,
From January 2023 till April 2023

Organized by The Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) and
Riga Last Thursdays (RLT)

In January 2023, the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) and Riga Last Thursdays (RLT) Gallery Evening launched a collaboration that gave everyone the opportunity to get to know the art process behind the scenes. From January to April, on the last Thursday of every month from 17:00, visitors were invited to start the Gallery Evening at the Art Academy of Latvia by viewing student exhibitions and taking part in talks and creative activities.

On 26 January, everyone were invited to get to know the Visual Arts Department of the Academy, which includes the departments of Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture. On 23 February, we took look at the processes of the Visual and Plastic Arts Department, on 30 March we met the Design Department and on 27 April the Audiovisual Arts Department brought the Art Academy's garden to life.

"The profession of an artist is shrouded in myths and perceptions, as is the process of creation itself. Sometimes it seems that if these myths were true, it would be much easier, but in reality, 'making is work'. It is as technical as it is emotional, long hours and challenging, but very beautiful. By starting this collaboration with RLT, we are moving towards raising awareness," comments Ieva Stalšene from the LMA Student Career Support Centre.

"We want to shed light behind the scenes of art making and hope that this series of events will help to recognise the dimension of the work invested in art. The works of art in museums speak for themselves - they are witnesses of the past, a legacy of the beliefs and values of an era. Art exists with or without us, but it is important to bear in mind our role in supporting the future and the new generation of art makers. In this series, we are foregrounding the creators of current art and highlighting their craft, honed over years of work," says RLT organiser Elena Šalina.

The main aim of the evening was to start a new dialogue between the audience and the artist, and also to expand the possibilities for visitors to express themselves creatively - both through art as a process and art as a conversation.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 12.18.03.png

Marketing campaign
"Don't pretend to understand art!"

Riga, Latvia

May 2022

Collaboration with the agency not perfect

In May 2022, RLT launched a new marketing campaign with help from an agency not perfect. It poses provocative and humorous statements - “Don't pretend to understand art” / “Allow children to criticise art” / "Galleries shouldn't be as quiet as a cemetery" / "And you call this art?" / "Everything is in your head, also what makes something art" - and gives “instructions” for visiting our gallery evenings: to not be afraid of talking to the artists, to ask questions, and to see visiting art spaces as an opportunity to understand what is inside someone’s head, have a conversation about it, and broaden your perspectives.

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