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RLT recommends: August 2023

Attention Art Lovers,

As summer winds down, let's soak up the last sunbeams before autumn takes hold. This month, 26 art spaces are staying open late on the final Thursday for our special gallery evening. Some have lined up exciting events like artist meetups, curator-led tours, concerts, performances, and workshops. Look for special tags on our webpage and Instagram.

Here are five must-see exhibitions we've picked:

ISSP: Jurģis Peters “Synthetic Presence”

One exhibition that we enjoyed visiting last month as well was “Synthetic Presence” at ISSP. It offers the opportunity to control video movements through AI technology. On view until September 7th!

Kim?: Indriķis Ģelzis "Watery Day's Eye"

This recently opened exhibition showcases Indiķis Ģelzis' most expansive collection to date. Immerse yourself in the interplay of colorfields, light, and geometry through sculptures. As the gallery describes it, “Watery Day's Eye" pays homage to the personalized, analog cyberspace, concealed beneath the surface of visual resemblances and contextual meanings from the public swimming pool.

Latvijas mākslinieku savienība: Sabīne Vernere “ANGLES MORTS”

The House of the Artists' Union (Latvijas mākslinieku savienība in LV) holds numerous treasures spanning the period from the 1960s to the 1990s. It captures a historical juncture that influenced many contemporary artists, even though it remains obscure to many and unnoticed by younger generations. In “ANGLES MORTS,” Vernere contemplates her position within the local artistic landscape and its historical backdrop. The exhibition fosters a personal and emotional dialogue with the canonized artists in the collection.

Rīgas Paula Stradiņa Medicīnas vēstures muzejs: Group exhibition "How I've Been Feeling Lately"

In the exhibition "How I've Been Feeling Lately" by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, contemporary artists reflect on mental health. They draw from their own experiences with illness, its prevention, their loved ones' experiences, and an exploration of societal biases and stigmas surrounding the topic. Join us for the exhibition's closing day, enriched by a special lecture with bibliotherapist Berita Kašana (in English at 17:00) and evening readings by authors Osvalds Zabris, Ieva Melgalve, and Agnese Radziņa at 18:00.

TUR: Jānis Dzirnieks "Optimized Flow"

For his exhibition at TUR_telpa, Dzirnieks delved into Constructal Theory – the study of how systems generate and sustain flow architecture. Through various physical expressions and his creative process, he articulates the ideas encountered in his research, particularly how heat traverses natural and synthetic environments. Implicitly, his choice of materials and the raw urban ambiance of the exhibition space might also allude to the human factor and its influence on heat, flow, and environmental dynamics.

Check out the Google Map here.

We hope you have a wonderful gallery walk!

RLT team

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