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RLT recommendations for the November 2023 gallery walk

Greetings, Art Lovers!

Guess what? The first snow is here, so let's go for a walk in the galleries this November! There are 28 cool galleries to explore, each with amazing exhibitions. Check out our team's favorites for a fun winter art stroll.

We are expanding, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to choose which galleries to recommend. This month, our team has selected 6 galleries we recommend!

On Thursdays, creative workshops and masterclasses will be held during the event, led by participants of Bourzma Boutique 2023. These activities will offer visitors the opportunity not only to learn about the latest trends in art and fashion but also to actively participate in the creative process and acquire new skills, giving "a second breath" to clothing.

galerija ISTABA: Art Magazine subscription evening and group exhibition "Now, with your permission" by the 3rd year students from the Painting and Scenography departements of the Art Academy of Latvia

There will be an opportunity to subscribe to the Art Magazine for the upcoming year, meet the editors and artists, and you can also expect a musical surprise.

M/Gallery: Group exhibition “Christmas edition vol.3”

From captivating landscapes to emotive portraits, the exhibition features a range of works that promise something for everyone. Within this curated collection, you'll encounter seasoned artists who have already left an indelible mark on the art scene. Simultaneously, discover emerging talents who are just embarking on their artistic journey.

M/Gallery also wants to give the opportunity to visitors and art lovers to buy a new, original print as a gift to themselves or their loved ones.

Provodņiks: DOMA Rīga. Youth.

This exhibition was created by young people from the volunteer organization "DOMA Rīga" with the aim of showing young artists to the world and bringing to light the problems related to the theme of the exhibition.

Rīgas mākslas telpa: MAREUNROL'S, "Fieldwork: Invisible Exercises" 

MAREUNROL'S solo exhibition "Fieldwork: Invisible exercises" is so far the most ambitious representation of the authors' visual works, in which art is a sensory space where means of visual expression (dependent on the concept created by the artists) are the most effective instrument for revealing a truth that is able to pierce through stereotypes and superficial, automatically generated ideas. Therefore it is especially important for both artists to reveal their deepest interests and professional life story within the framework of this exhibition.

TUR: Group exhibition of 17 artists "Future Retrospectives"

Come and join TUR for a glass of karstvīns and explore the work of 17 artists in the exhibition “Future Retrospectives,” the last exhibition of 2023 that looks forward by looking back.

All the artists presenting work have previously exhibited at TUR_telpa and were asked to contribute a “future retrospective” for this show.

See you soon!


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