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RLT recommends: September 2023

Greetings, Art enthusiasts!

Each month, on the last Thursday, the city becomes a lively hub of imagination and art, inviting art lovers and those who appreciate culture to discover its ever-changing art scene until late in the evening. This month, we have something special to celebrate – the 2-year anniversary of Riga Last Thursdays. 25 art galleries are staying open late. Many of them offer visitors many special events like artist meetups, curator-led tours, concerts, performances, and workshops. Look for unique tags on our webpage and Instagram.

Here are five must-see exhibitions we've picked:

Dziesmusvētku telpa: Museum of Literature and Music + Song and Dance Festival exhibition "Song and Dance Festival Space"

Dziesmusvētku telpa is one of the newcomers for Riga Last Thursdays event!

SongSpace is a tribute to the inception, development, and continuation of the tradition of the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration. Each Song Celebration experience is a part of the overall story about the Latvian nation and country, its values, cultural aspects, and people. SongSpace is a crossroads where stories part and unite − our life force, past and future.

Hyper radošais centrs: Rasmus Marks “Intermediate spaces”

This exhibition is going to have its exhibition opening in Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening! Many special events to come at Hyper radošais centrs - meet the artist, performance, and curator's tour on demand.

The exhibition “Intermediate spaces” is about a liminal in-between position between the past and the future, the clear and the unclear, the understandable and the incomprehensible.

ISSP: Arnis Balčus “Scene”

Many more special events at the ISSP where Scene, an exhibition by Arnis Balčus focusing on today's alternative youth subculture, are taking place.

As part of the Scēna exhibition, a Punk Bazaar will take place on 28 September from 17.00 to 22.00, where you can see and buy clothes, accessories, publications, music, and art created by members of the alternative subculture. At 19.00, Vāvis and Dents will perform an atmospherically noisy musical performance about the pain of growing up in Pļavnieki. At 20.00 techno and other electronic music genres will be played by Privatazona, who will give you a chance to dance. Sounds exciting!

Mmāja: many exhibitions throughout the building

mmāja - a new space in the heart of the city Riga. As they describe themselves - a social experiment in the search for new forms of trust & cooperation among curious and courageous fools. Many exhibitions, exhibition openings, workshops, and performances will take place at mmāja on the 28th of September. For more information about exhibitions click here.

Survival Kit: International Contemporary Art Festival Survival Kit 14 “Long-distance Friendships” and “The Artist is Present”

This year's contemporary art festival Survival Kit 14 features two exhibitions – the festival's central exhibition Long-distance Friendships, curated by Inga Lāce and Alicia Knock, and the final exhibition of the inspiring project The Artist is Present.

The contemporary exhibition is taking place in historic Vidzemes tirgus, creating a fascinating juxtaposition that's definitely worth experiencing.

Starting from 6:00 PM till 7:00 PM there will be a historical queer video programme of the project "Obscene West. Naglis". Radio Tīrkultūra DJ set with Michael Holland at 7:00 PM. And at 7 PM and 9 PM tours of both exhibitions are led by art mediators. Don't miss the opportunity to attend these amazing events!

Check out the Google Map here.

Let's celebrate RLT 2-year anniversary together!

RLT team


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