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RLT recommends: April

Join us for our gallery walk on April 25th. Despite the lingering winter chill, let's embrace the spirit of spring with art. Explore our vibrant galleries and find inspiration as we await warmer days. Don't miss out on this memorable experience!

This month, RLT team has selected 6 galleries we recommend!

427: Group show "427 Collection"

Exhibition opening and curator's tour on demand at 427 gallery!

Like any living space, the gallery’s office gradually sprouted with abandoned, forgotten, misdelivered, bartered works of art that have grown into the 427 Collection that will mark the 10th anniversary of the space.

DOM: "I am (not) OK until I remember" Katya Rybakova, Maria Hlinska, Sofia Melnikova, Yuliia Yankavs

Meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at DOM!

"I am (not) OK until I remember" is a collective exhibition of four Ukrainian artists, Sofia Melnikova, Yuliia Yankavs, Maria Hlinska, Katya Rybakova that found their shelter in Riga almost two years ago. This exhibition is a collection of four different stories and reflections on loss of home, beloved people and places, one's own identity and perception of the world around. It is our honest answer to your question of how we really are.

M/Gallery: Linda Šterna & Linda Vilka “RĪTDIENAS PIENĀCA”

Exhibition opening, meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at M/Gallery!

"The Tomorrows arrived" is both an exhibition and a revelation of life, where text and visual compositions come together, providing a deep insight into each other's personal development and exploring the role it plays in our relationships with others and the world.

The exhibition will be held in collaboration with the literature and philosophy magazine "Punctum", giving the opportunity to buy the collection "Nobody Will Believe You" on the opening night, with donations going to the Resource Center for Women “Marta”.

Rīgas mākslas telpa: Riga Photography Biennial 2024 Central Event - exhibition ‘Vamp(yre) Reality’ by Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent

Lindsay Seers and Keith Sargent principle concerns are the nature of consciousness and how it shapes human life. According to contemporary thought, there is no singular consciousness but a flux of thoughts and emotions that are framed in every given moment. We act spontaneously and then we create a plausible narrative for that action. S&S have developed a language of blending objects, environments, light, sound, VR and CGI in a search for hidden 'truths'. The works unfold in the making as in an act of performance. One thing leads to another. It is only realised fully in the exhibition hall, a punctuation in the continuity of the works' evolution.

TUR: Dzelde Mierkalne "Doom Doom Delight"

Meet the artist at TUR!

Dzelde Mierkalne and her artistic practice are quintessentially Generation Z. She has never avoided difficult questions, choosing instead to confront and embrace them. In the past, her work has explored topics around death and how we, as a society, deal with its inevitability. For “Doom Doom Delight” she goes further. She adds to her artistic language, using it to enquire into an even more fundamental ending: that of the human species. Growing up with a dying planet implies the inescapability of a doomed future and inevitably leads to the quest of finding modes on how to play a game that has been lost. In the shadow of a global pandemic, failed democracies, a new wave of wars, and the progressing climate crisis, promises of a rosy future are being unveiled as empty words marking the path into the inevitable.

Exhibition opening, meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at Zeiss Biroji!

One of the first street artists in Latvia, who has based his artistic style on one specific image - a diverse repetition of the character of the Kiwie monster, gaining recognition among artists not only in Latvia, but also outside of it. The funny, usually smiling, furry creature has been living on walls and streets around the world since 2005. In recent years, KIWIE's works are starting to take a prominent place in well-known contemporary art collections. The works of recent years will be on display at the exhibition.

We invite you to conclude the gallery evening at M/Gallery (A.Briāna iela 9), where the afterparty will take place with Anna Malicka a.k.a Otra Pussyte duo Krišjānis Elviks a.k.a. Ford Eskort.

See you soon!

Project supported by VKKF (Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds) and M/Gallery.


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