Tu jau zini Kur

“Decadence” by Dmitri Gerasimov, Tobias Klein, Envija, Elīna Semane, Lee Chapman, Roberts Brastiņš, Ieva Stalšene

Tallinas iela 10-K3


The opening of the Riga Photomonth group exhibition that is inspired by decadents from another century who believed that art should not serve the tastes of the masses, it should be freed from existing conventions, rationalism, and logic, it should be true, creative and sensual. The art in the exhibition invites us not only to give in to impulses and enjoyment but also to reflect on our values, moral norms, the role of the artist in this era, and the direction of development of Western society.


At 20.00 will start the Decadence Music Festival with live music by Veža (new-school noise-rock), Stabs (instrumental noise & power electronics trio), Uguns (black metal), and Svēte + special guest (trap/hip-hop).

Opening hours on 29.05 (RLT) 19-22

Tallinas iela 10-K3