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Riga Last Thursdays 1st event on 30 September!

Explore 12 contemporary art galleries in Riga in one evening for the first time.

12 contemporary art galleries in Rīga have come together with the idea of staying open late on the last Thursday of every month, offering an opportunity for visitors to go for a gallery crawl in one evening. Similar to the concept of Baltā Nakts, the event will offer a chance to familiarise oneself with the current art scene and have fun exploring what the contemporary artists, makers and creators are working on.

While many of us don't have the opportunity to visit the galleries during the day due to other commitments, we hope this late opening once a month will become a new tradition to be marked in the calendar.

Organised by Elen Šalina, curator at M/Gallery, Rīga Last Thursdays will premiere on 30th September for its trial run. The first run of participants include: 427, Ag, Aminori, DOM, ISSP, Look!, Low gallery, M/Gallery, Māksla XO, PILOT, Rīgas Augstākā Galerija, Tu jau zini Kur.


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