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Introducing our new initiative - RLT: Creative quarters

Discover the creative districts as mechanisms for urban regeneration. Explore how galleries & artist studios thrive within the districts and their positive impact on society.

Every month, we will focus on one of Riga's creative quarters, offering free guided tours that explore the history, present, and future of its industrial heritage.

Highlighting Riga's creative districts, lectures, and other creative events will be created every month involving Riga's industrial heritage districts - Provodņiks in October, Sporta 2 kvartāls in November, Briāna kvartāls in December, Vagonu Hall in January, Tallinas ielas kvartāls in February.

Our goal is to highlight the importance of Riga's creative quarters, which play a crucial role in the cultural landscape and significantly contribute to the growth of the art scene in Latvia. These quarters not only possess a rich historical heritage, but also present ample opportunities and face various challenges.

Where does art truly reside in Riga? Is it confined solely to museums and galleries? RLT is collaborating with, a creative urban experiments club, to delve into this question.

Our joint objective is to draw the public's attention to the phenomenon of creative districts. They are more than just trendy hipster hangouts; they serve as vital mechanisms for urban revitalization. How do galleries and artists' studios emerge and thrive in these areas, and what benefits do they bring to society?

The project was developed in collaboration with the SLO Young Folks urban club,, which will research the significance of Riga's industrial heritage in the cultural and artistic environment of Riga. In partnership with residents of Riga's creative quarters, architects, and urban designers, the club will prepare informative materials for use in excursions, presentations, and digital environments.

Our first meetings will be held at Provodņiks, a factory established in 1888 that employed 6,000 workers before the First World War.

Join us on Thursday, October 26 at 19:00 at Provodņiks main entrance A. Please bring a flashlight and dress warmly for the tour.

Pictures: Provodņiks

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