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Don't pretend to understand art!

This month, RLT is launching a new marketing campaign with help from an agency not perfect. It poses provocative and humorous statements - “Don't pretend to understand art” / “Allow children to criticise art” / "Galleries shouldn't be as quiet as a cemetery" / "And you call this art?" / "Everything is in your head, also what makes something art" - and gives “instructions” for visiting our gallery evenings: to not be afraid of talking to the artists, to ask questions, and to see visiting art spaces as an opportunity to understand what is inside someone’s head, have a conversation about it, and broaden your perspectives.

As RLT grows, so does its audience. Riga's galleries started to schedule special events - exhibition openings or closings, and more - to happen on the last Thursday of the month. This May 2022, art festivals Riga Photomonth and Riga Photography Biennial are joining the programme. As part of the Photomonth, two photography exhibitions will open on the 26th of May: Anna Dzērve at M/Gallery, and Dmitrii Gerasimov, Tobias Klein, Envija, Elīna Semane, Lee Chapman and more at Tu jau zini kur.

RLT Official Afterparty will happen at M/Darbnīca (A. Briāna 9), at 23:00, with the psychedelic rock group Viral Mind. Tickets will be available at the venue, 10 euro.


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