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"Art Works" RLT x AAL: 30 March!

Continuing the cooperation between the Art Academy of Latvia (AAL) and Riga Last Thursdays (RLT) gallery evening, the public is invited to attend the third "ART WORKS" event dedicated to the Design Department and its sub-disciplines: graphic, product, interior, metal and fashion design. As usual, visitors will not only be able to observe, but also to participate and get to know the specifics of an artist's work.

On the 1st floor of the LMA, visitors are invited to get close to the fashion and graphic designers' mindspace in sketching, to create a reduced reality together with interior design students. The young metal designers will not only help to make their own jewellery, but will also give the audience the opportunity to watch the jewellery maker's work under a microscope in real time on a TV screen. Graphic design students will surprise you with the chance to try out unconventional writing instruments, while product designers will make you see the chair anew!

The traditional exhibition VILCE by the students of the painting department will open on the 2nd floor of the LMA, while the basement will host the latest exhibition of the NAGLA exhibition space.

30 March, 17:00 - 19:00 at the Art Academy of Latvia.

17:00 - NAGLA opening in the basement

17:30 - ART WORKS grand opening on the 1st floor

18:00 - Opening of the exhibition VILCE on the 2nd floor

* Due to high visitor interest, activities may be extended until 21:00*

Photos: Elizabete Slavinska


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