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"Embroidered Selfie" by Ieva Iltnere

Elizabetes iela 14, Riga


“A line can be created with pencil, or with paint and brush. You can plow it with a tractor or put it together with toy blocks in a meadow.” (Ieva Iltnere. Pedvāle, 1996).

"In my latest works the line is created with a needle and thread, sometimes just with a needle. You could say it's needlework.” -  Ieva Iltnere, 2022.


The latest exhibition by Ieva Iltnere “Embroidered Selfie” attests to her ever-changing nature and passion for experimentation. Combining the seemingly incompatible, Ieva Iltnere documents this age with the means of subtle irony, social commentary, and paradoxes, simultaneously revealing stories about her own artworks and personality.

She asks – why am I here? And her response at the same time is: “I paint, therefore I am”.

This group exhibition scratches lightly at the complexities of labour and their representation, revealing a curious self-reflection on contemporary and historical depictions of work, and our relationship with leisure, laziness, and art-making as a form of labour. These strange New Beasts of Burden are bound by their seemingly inherent need for modes of production, and, perhaps equally, a voracious desire to purchase, acquire and fulfill what they apparently lack.

Opening hours on 26.05 (RLT) 18-22

Elizabetes iela 14

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