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RLT recommends: December 2023

This month, the Riga Last Thursdays team chose art spaces that offer artwork as presents from various artists altogether. With Christmas around the corner and the pressure to find the ideal gift building, Riga Last Thursdays provides a unique solution. This event not only allows you to immerse yourself in the dynamic local art scene but also presents an ideal opportunity to discover that special and meaningful gift for your loved ones this festive season. 

If you're unsure about what to buy, join us at Riga Last Thursdays to explore the art spaces and potentially find the perfect present that resonates with your holiday spirit. Here are our TOP 4 recommendations for this month to buy a perfect gift!

Kalnciema kvartāla galerija: Contemporary ceramics pop-up 

Here you will find various ceramics works from approximately 20 ceramic artists and brands. Artists work with clay, stoneware, and porcelain using a wide variety of techniques, glazes, textures and paintings. Each has its own, unique handwriting that evolves and offers new twists every year. Maybe you will find your perfect gift here!

Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija: JAUNmarka

By bringing together the creative works of students from all departments of the Latvian  Academy of Arts, "JAUNmarka" allows visitors to explore more than 4000 artworks of various forms, materials, sizes, and textures. The tradition of the student art exhibition began twenty years ago during the Christmas period when the doors of the Latvian Academy of Arts opened to a wider audience, inviting them to hunt down their favorite piece of art. We strongly recommend visiting this place! Perhaps you will find your new favorite artwork!

M/Gallery: Group exhibition “Christmas edition vol.3”

As Christmas approaches, M/Gallery wants to allow visitors and art lovers to buy a new, original print as a gift to themselves or their loved ones. Prices for these exquisite prints start from just 30 euros, ensuring that the gift of art is accessible to all!

TUR: Group exhibition of 17 artists "Future Retrospectives"

Come and join us for a glass of karstvīns and explore the work of 17 artists in the exhibition “Future Retrospectives". Most of the work in "Future Retrospectives" is for sale with proceeds going to the artists and the future activities of TUR_telpa.

See you at the galleries!


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