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“Becoming” by LMA 2nd-year BA Fine Arts students

Aristida Briana 9, Riga


M/Gallery presents a new exhibition in collaboration with the Art Academy of Latvia's 2nd-year BA Fine Art students entitled BECOMING.

Opening on 30th June - Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening - the exhibition will present works from 14 students and will be on display at M/Gallery until the 16th of July.

Opening night programme:
18:00 M/Gallery opens a new exhibition “BECOMING” with Art Academy of Latvia’s 2nd Year Fine Art students. Part of the Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening.
18:30 - 19:30 Danish Cultural Institute presents //BETWEEN THE LINES CHAPTER FOUR// poetry event on M/Darbnīca terrace
19:30 DJ set in M/Gallery
20:00 Poetry disco with Latvian poets Annija Jansone, Zita Krišjānova, Beatrise Kaminska, Roberts Brastiņš, Marija Luīze Meļķe and Kristers Rudzītis at M/Gallery
22:00 Riga Last Thursdays afterparty x "JAZZ AFTER JAZZ" on M/Darbnīca terrace

The concept of BECOMING is about the process of “beginning to be” / “growing to be”. With two years to go until the completion of their bachelor's degree, these artists find themselves in an ever-changing state of mind, exploring various styles and techniques. Some artworks look at you directly with humour and provocation, while others delve into the abstract realm of shapes and colours representing psychological self-portraits.

The exhibition will present paintings made with oil, acrylic, works made with nylon and found materials, as well as installation pieces. Through BECOMING, M/Gallery is looking forward to starting a yearly tradition with art students.

Featured artists are: Alise Kiampo, Beatrise Estere Kaminska, Diāna Stopiņa, Elīna Vagre, Gundega Brūvere, Ina Kantiķe, Ivars Pommers, Katrīna Sēle, Kristiāna Poce, Madara Freidenfelde, Renāte Pagaste, Roberts Brastiņš, Stīna Skulme, Tonijs Strods.

Opening hours on 30.06 (RLT) 18-22

A. Briāna iela 9

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