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ISSP School

"Under the Skin" by graduates of ISSP School 2022

Elizabetes iela 87, Riga


We invite you to the ISSP School 2022 graduates' exhibition "Under the skin". During the evening there will be an opportunity to view the exhibitions accompanied by the authors, as well as at the end of the evening there will be a silent auction that suits the Northern European mentality. Refreshing drinks, captivating conversations, and a melancholic atmosphere will be offered throughout the evening. Welcome!


Graduates of the ISSP School's two-year educational program “Developing the Language of Photography” in 2022 are Agate Tūna, Aleksandra Juhņēviča, Kārlis Didrihsons, Kristīna Poršneva, Līva Stare, Līga Stibe, Līva Graudumniece, Matīss Veigurs, Valdis Putniņš, Una Taal and Toms Strazds. The curator of the exhibition is Iveta Gabaliņa.


The exhibition "Under the Skin" explores the phenomenology of relationships in different contexts and techniques. Photography in this case serves as a transition from a personal transformation to a universal, as a connecting element on the path to understanding who I am, where I come from, what kind of relationship I have with my life and what is this scar that I try to heal again and again. During the last two years, due to the spread of Covid-19, studies at the ISSP School were partly remote, making the learning process reserved and to each participant inward-looking. In turn, the events caused by the war in Ukraine, with these two global events in the background, created a test for young artists to evaluate the already started artistic work process and its relevance to the current situation. Consequently, the theme of loss and fear often appears in students' works, which indicates the emotionally fragile feeling we are forced to live in when everything humane seems to have lost its original meaning.


Opening hours on 30.06 (RLT) 18-22

Berga Bazārs, Elizabetes iela 87