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“Voices in our heads” by Kirils Ēcis

Tallinas iela 10


The inner monologue is a permanent resident in everyone's head. However, the label "monologue" seems inaccurate at moments when the voice begins to question itself. It is difficult to argue with your head, because the head is one, but the argument is usually between two different ones. And it is not necessary to argue, you can also just talk, and just by talking, the voice, which was just one and dense, slowly thins out, splitting into several different voices. In voices that each have their own source and direction.


The work "Voices in our heads" is a conversation open to the participation of the visitor, which explores the relationship between inner dialogue, self-censorship and intuition.


Kirils Īcis works in various art disciplines. Since 2016, several poetry publications and articles have been published in both digital and printed formats. In 2019, he was the co-author of the dramaturgical material for director Krista Burāne's play "The Wicked". The play received the "Gamer's Night" awards for the best original dramaturgy and the best play for teenagers. He is a member of the music group "Alejas", author and performer of song lyrics. With the actor and director Artūras Čukuras, he created the play "I got along without you before we met, I'll get along without you in the future" for the international festival of Young Theater "Homo Novus". At the moment, Kirill Īcis is studying in Vienna.


The series of exhibitions "Saugšana/Saudzeņot" was created with the intention of highlighting the importance of mutual relations in the process of art creation and uniting visual art with other cultural forms - poetry, music, performance. Within the project, representatives of various art disciplines develop new works of art, as well as create events, inviting the audience to participate in talks, concerts, workshops, performances, readings and ritual ceremonies. A total of five stages of the cycle are planned, which will be created by recognized and appreciated artists: Reinis Bērziņš and Kate Krolle, Marija Luīze Meļķe, Edvards Schouten (Edd Schouten), Kirils Ćis, Linda Bolšakova and Jeroen Kortekaas. The cycle will run non-stop from July to September, with one artist gradually replacing the next.

Working hours on 25.08 (RLT) 18-22

Tallinas iela 10

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