"Unrealistic" by Baiba Ābelīte

Ganību dambis 63


The exhibition reflects the process of changes currently happening in the world strongly influenced by digital technologies, artificial intelligence and transformation of a human being in the environment he lives in.

Transformation in its essence is change, which is an integral part of the existence of the Universe. It can also be seen as a separate event, which has its essence, nature, core, which consecutively catalyses further processes. These feelings stimulate us to consider human’s understanding of time and space, and also of ways how thoughts and energies transform in this world.

The exhibition reflects the imprints of contemporary transformations and emphasize the requirements of the digital age towards art and artists. If you look at art through different perspectives, the transformation can make an unrealistic feeling, as reality is personally created by each and every individual. Such feelings can appear in the exhibition Unrealistic, where the transformation process created by the artist merges with the reality view of art observer.

Additional experience of transformation is available through digital technologies - application Overly, which allows to see the artwork outside its physical form.

Opening hours on 30.06 (RLT) 18-22

Ganību dambis 63, Riga