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Janis Rozentals Art School exhibition of qualification works "JAM"

Ganību dambis 63


A work of art is like a jam and a jam is like a work of art - both are the result of long efforts and hopes that begin not with the harvesting of the harvest, but with its sowing; does not end with the closing of the last jar, but comes to life with the opening of the first.

The artist is both a berry and a jam maker. On the other hand, the joy of opening a jar of jam is undeniable, no matter what kind of berries jam is made from, it is still delicious, even if it is kept in the corner of the mind, not on the shelf of the grandmother. Well, it's time to share the very first one!

The exhibition will showcase the work of illustrators, photo and multimedia design specialists. Videos, animations and 3D computer graphics and much more will be displayed.

Opening hours on 28.07 (RLT) 18-22

Ganību dambis 63, Riga