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“Undefined space” by Kintija Avena, “The waves of wind and stems” by Marta Viktorija Agruma & Čugun

Ganību dambis 63


Kintija Avena, "Undefined space"

Kintija Avena initially learned visual thinking through textiles, but currently uses several media in the research process. She explores the elements of connecting reality and imagination through narrative, leaving herself and the viewer in the middle position. Ready-made objects are used as abstractions by stripping of their usual meanings and making them bear another meaning.


Marta Viktorija Agruma & Čugun, "The waves of wind and stems" 


An audiovisual work created by a duo of painters, which invites the viewer to a place where the constant change of reference points does not disturb, and the caress of the grass swayed by the wind comforts even if it reminds of the passage of time. "When the warm and cold air currents meet, the wind is created, hitting the grass-covered meadow, it creates ripples.”

Working hours on 25.08 (RLT) 18-22

Ganību dambis 63, Riga

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