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“Exhibition 1.6” Varvara Vasilyeva, Anastasia Dubovska, Polina Efimchenko, Karina Shumkova, Richards Plinta, Denis Gutnik

"Exhibition 1.6" Varvara Vasilyeva (Russia), Anastasia Dubovska, Polina Efimchenko, Karina Shumkova, Rihcards Plinta, Denis Gutnik (Ukraine)

Art center MASA is inviting to the last exhibition in the current venue.

The project is looking forward to the change, but before we say goodbye to this place we will celebrate the first anniversary with our ninth exhibition. In one of our most emotional exhibitions, we harmoniously connect six very different artists with similar fates. Everyone, like art center curators, is overcoming the crisis of modern society to some extent or another, using art as a language for expression of internal attitude towards what is happening. Whilst overcoming difficulties, we feel true happiness from every small victory, and that is the meaning of our lives.


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