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The last Last Thursday of the year 2022!

December - the month of celebration has arrived, and RLT is coming a week early to offer you one last active evening right before the holidays!

This month is unique because Riga's art spaces have decided to open small pop-up gift shops, most of which can help you find the perfect gift for those special to you! Wouldn't you want to get something lasting and unique as a gift? Maybe it's time to add “art” to your wish-list! From custom-made games, plates and sculptures to paintings, prints and books - when it comes to gifts, we have your back!

Gallery 427 is collaborating with Mr. Greedy CBD Coffee Shop - In reaction to the latest twists of Latvian culture financing system it’s time to change - 427 gallery will become a CBD and art shop. This December they invite visitors to appreciate the variety of CBD products from Switzerland - flowers, oils, re-usable and disposable vapes, hash and other delights that will be accompanied by selected artworks from our wonderful artists, for example: Uģis Albiņš, Kārlis Biķernieks, Margrieta Griestiņa, Kaspars Groševs, Raids Kalniņš, Latvania, Anna Malicka, Dzelde Mierkalne, Lauma Muižarāja, Shady Ladies, Klára Švandová (Shelter of Trust), Viktor Timofeev & others.

DOM this month will be the true gift giver, with DOMRAISER featuring works on sale, from which a percentage will go to the support of Ukraine. DOM invites you to the art fair-donation campaign 17.12.-23.12. (dates will be extended after the Holidays). Donations are collected for the DOM rent, so that we are able to survive the winter months & for the Ukraine's support (purchase of the generators).

You will be able to buy the creations from DOM artists and friends, such as: Agate Tūna, Anete Grīnberga, Anna Malicka, Chugun, Dzelde Mierkalne, Dena Doloresa Sircova, Elīna Mekša, Elīna Salnāja, Elīne Buka, Elza Lapiņa, Gints Virgilijs Tilks, Ieva Viese-Vigula, Karlīna Marta Zvirbule, Kopandrapants, Latvania, Liene Rumpe, Mailo Štern , Marta Viktorija Agruma, Roberts Svižeņecs, Sabīne Šnē, Viktorija Balašova (the list can be extended). Remember: Cash payments only!

Galerija Istaba reminds all of us, that the release of the "Printmakers Calendar" has become an important event at the end of the year in the world of Latvian graphic arts. For the eighth year, the works of 13 promising graphic artists have been collected in a large-format calendar, the original works of which were created in the graphic arts workshop of the Latvian Academy of Arts using classical techniques. The original prints of the calendar can be viewed in the exhibition in the gallery “Istaba”. For the joy of us all, on Riga Last Thursday - visitors will have chance to try out some graphic printing themselves! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Galerija Rāmis is busy taking care of your gifts this month! Christmas Art Fair will exhibit artworks for purchase from Dž.Skulme, Ludolfs Liberts, Madara Gulbis, Laura Kaktiņa, Jānis Osis, Raimo Lielbriedis, Aleksandra Beļcova, Māris Upzars, Eduards Mihelovičs, as well as new names such as - Rasmus Marks Ivanovs, Alise Gaile and other artists.

Meanwhile in Rāmis - Marmelāde exhibition by Laura Kaktina reveals the word "Transition" on two levels. Visually - technically creating smooth color transitions, and at the conceptual level, where the works represent stylized landscapes, created as metaphors for different psychological conditions. Moving from challenge to solution. Will you find out how?

If you still have not seen it, this is your last chance to observe “Room No.13” - a solo exhibition by Reinis Hofmanis explores the visuality of public places in ISSP! The 13th solo exhibition by Reinis Hofmanis, will feature a collection of photographs taken over the span of several years exploring the visuality of various, mostly hidden spaces. The technical spaces of industrial buildings, warehouses for various materials, rooms long abandoned or, on the contrary, adapted for contemporary use, have been transformed from a three-dimensional experience into visually pleasing two-dimensional images.

Want to support young and aspiring artists? The market "Art Hunt" of students' works of the Latvian Academy of Arts takes place in the Kalnciema Quarter gallery. This event takes place once a year and brings together a creative team. The works of more than 300 students and graduates of the academy will be on display and available for purchase - paintings, graphics, ceramics, jewelry, and other things, primarily created in oil and acrylic techniques. The range will have different sizes - from large-format works to miniature paintings. This is an opportunity not only to look into Latvian art but also to contribute to the creative development of authors.

Don't miss out on the last chance to see Kim?. The gallery Offers two thought provoking exhibitions by two wonderful artists. Leonards Lagaonvskis in 1995 staged a series of photographs on the premises of the Galerie Barbara Weiss, enacting the image of the “contemporary German female gallerist.” For him this newly discovered role connected the dynamics of the mutual relationship/dependency between art and money with a particular understanding of the regimen and activities required to maintain one’s self-image, youth, and mental and physical health. Meanwhile at the heart of Evelīna Deičmane’s third solo show lies a deeply personal/sensitive concern – which nevertheless remains motivated by social processes – about getting to grips with the art of being (and staying) alive. How could we miss seeing their works?

Welcome back! The beloved student art fair JAUNmarka returns to the Art Academy of Latvia after a 2 year break! LMA at 13 Kalpaka bulvāris will be hosting JAUNmarka – a comprehensive collection of student creations, with several hundred of pieces on exhibition and available for purchase. Here you will find paintings, graphic art, ceramics, glass, fashion, design items, textile art, illustration and more. This is a special occasion both for emerging artists as well art connoisseurs and everyone who would like to brighten their festive season or everyday with more art. The fair will be open to visitors every day between 11.00 and 20.00. This year JAUNmarka is organised by Art Academy students, and the authors will be present and open to conversations throughout the event!

Meanwhile in the bar LIEPA you can find artworks by Zane Kairiša, which contemplates the aspects of yearning “All around is what people strive for... For the beautiful and the real. Lust, passion, sex and pleasure. That which is not talked about much, but appeals so much!”

As expected and awaited, there is a chance to find some art to bring home in M/Gallery! Thursday Loubge event will happen during Riga Last Thursdays. The evening will be accompanied by the wonderful Svens Vilsons, creating a cosy and warm atmosphere, filling the gallery with pre-festive peace and love. Featured artists include: Mārtiņš Aizpurvs, Madara Auzenbaha, Laura Birša, Egor Buimister, Sofija Bumbule, Anna Dzērve, Evija Freidenfelde, Margarita Germane, Marta Griģe, Laura Kaktiņa, Kristīne Kutepova, Gunta Lante, Santa Paula, Kristaps Priede, Puntuss, David Ruban, Emma Sofia, Arta Volbeta, Kristiāna Zalmane.

This month, something curious is happening in MASA Studija! "Empty structure" Sebastyan Yelles reminds us that art is not complicated. It's complex. We have no solution to describe the distance to empty space. There are no empty spaces. Each letter is describing the page. Every art object is starting from canvas, page or space. Using your imagination. There are no illusions. Emptiness, or so called 'emptiness' just prefers to be white or black. "Empty structure" exhibition is contacting with individual by black and white colors. Come and describe yourself by interior or exterior point of you.

MASA Studija - HEX offers us to see and purchase works by Arsenij Ivanov. “Arseny’s works are a dream of wandering American hippie from the 60s, drawn by a French sci-fi artist from the 70s about what is happening now.” The artist’s style takes the viewer to a parallel dimension that lives according to its own mysterious laws. Most characters are in a state of deep introspection, their feelings are manifested in colors and details of environment.

Finally, Vagonu HALL returns to RLT, with a new exhibition and event! Photobook presentation and works by Tīna Ērenpreisa will definitely show you a new reality! The author had several goals in this project. The new alternative scene of Latvia, the expressions of young people were documented, recording the style of dressing, the art and music created in this strange time of change. The brand new alternative movements that arose during this period and had never been studied before in Latvia were also immortalized. The documentation of the scene was collected in a photo book and updated in an exhibition where you have the opportunity to "visit" Latvia's alternative movement.

*BONUS - Aminori, has also prepared something special – a whole new exhibition!

Ineta Freidenfelde invites you to “CITY ANGELS”! While creating the series of paintings City Angels, the artist Ineta Freidenfelde observed the "inhabitants" of her yard – capturing their moments of drama and happiness on the canvas. "There is this amazing world around us that often goes unnoticed. It is the world of birds and small creatures living around us," says the painter. “It does just fine without us, but our lives would be much duller without it.” Are you not excited to see it? We sure are!

Oh, and don't forget to join us for the Afterparty at 22:00 in M/Gallery, with some amazing music from DJ Exxjuly!


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