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The Briania courtyard becomes a new art space with the "Art e fakti" exhibition!

This summer, in collaboration with M/Gallery and Riga Last Thursdays, a new seasonal exhibition "Art e fakti" opens in the Briania courtyard. The exhibition features new and established artists with artworks from different disciplines.

From 29 June until the end of the summer, the Briāna Street courtyard, located between the concert venues and the galleries M/Darbnīca, K. K. von Stricka Villa, One One and Skapis, will host the open-air exhibition "Art e fakti" by young artists. This summer, 15 artists are participating in the programme: Haralds Saknītis, Haralds Dravnieks, Atis Izands, Anete Aramina, Nastassia Navitskaya, Gints Virgilijs Tilks, Oto Holgers Ozoliņš, Olga Antipenko, Elya Asadullaeva, Heidija Ūberga & Dāgs Mors, Paintbyrobot, Roberts Bāliņš, Dārta Berkmane and Fricis Kalvelis. The opening of the exhibition will take place on the same day as the gallery evening "Riga Last Thursdays", which also includes a special meeting with the artists and live music during the evening.

"Art e fakti" is an open-air exhibition that delves into the diverse layers of human experience, revealing the material and immaterial sediments that shape our collective histories and personal stories. Each work of art serves as a testimony to the lasting imprint of human existence, inviting visitors to discover hidden stories, reinterpret narratives of the past and engage in a dialogue about the meaning of our common heritage.

From Hoder's (Haralds Dravnieks) sculpture of the beloved heart, which will look down on visitors from a rooftop ridge, to Atis Izand's Obelisk Without a Name, which looks at the interpretation of the male-as-doer stereotype, and Gints Virgilijs Tilks prehistoric looking 2->1, which considers the traces left by discomfort and trauma in the individual's subconscious.

Olga Antipenko will offer an immersion in the Forest Village with her work Onlooker, which invites to look at the usual environment and the usual order from an unusual point of view, awaiting a careful observer who will be able to decipher the message of the sculpture. Painting enthusiasts will be able to see paintings by Nastassia Navitskaya and Elya Asadullaeva, which explore the interaction between the individual and the neighbour and the individual and the universe.

The exhibition aims to recall an archaeological excavation, where each work of art is like a precious artefact that wants to be unearthed and explored. Each artist's current reflections reveal the shared unconscious of us all, yearning to be experienced, explored and perpetuated.

With the hope to involve more and more young artists from different countries and to contribute to the gradual development of the art culture and tourism environment, the creative team of M/Darbnica and Riga Last Thursdays continue to push the boundaries of art spaces in Riga and support young artists to exhibit their work! As there are relatively few spaces in the art sector that support young talent to be discovered, Briania Courtyard is being opened as another space that will allow artists to create an interesting, colourful environment, share what's on their minds and foster more and more meaningful conversations.

Riga Last Thursdays gallery night, which has been bringing together Riga's most active art spaces for over a year, offering free monthly access to the latest exhibitions, workshops and special performances. Until now, the gallery evening has united both traditional exhibition venues and unusual art exhibition locations, representing the diversity of the Latvian art scene and highlighting its relentless activity.

M/Gallery, as part of the M/Darbnica, has created over 100 different events, exhibition openings and performances for a wide variety of arts over the past few years. Over the last year and in the future, in response to the current financial situation in the cultural sphere, M/Gallery invites artists and young independent curators to take the initiative and offers a space in which to realise their ideas.

The event is supported by Riga City Council.

Opening: 29 June 2023 at 18:00, part of Riga Last Thursdays.


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