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RLT x M/Gallery: OPEN CALL


In June 2024, Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening and M/Gallery are continuing a display of outdoor artworks "Art e fakti" in BRIANIA (ex Aristīda Pagalms) yard in Rīga on A. Briāna iela 9, between Fon Stricka Villa, Labietis and M/Darbnīca.

Last year's outdoor "Art e fakti" exhibition featured works that delved into the diverse layers of human experience, revealing the material and immaterial sediments that shape our collective histories and personal stories. This year, we will continue the theme, but from a different perspective.

The term "artefact" refers not only to works of art or human creations, but also to anomalies, defects and errors in various forms of visual representation, such as analogue or digital photography. By foregrounding this technical meaning of "artefact", we encourage participants to reflect on our attitudes towards mistakes and defects as expressions of human experience, as well as how mistakes influence and determine creativity.

We are launching an open call inviting everyone to consider the role of mistakes and defects in the creative process and in everyday life. We ask that the artworks are weather-resistant, as they will be displayed outdoors in the courtyard. We welcome works in various forms and techniques - sculptures, prints, installations, etc.

The exhibition will open on 27 June, as part of Riga Last Thursdays. You can apply for the exhibition using the Google form below. Deadline for submission: 31 May 2024. If you have any questions, get in touch at


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