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RLT recommends: October 2023

Greetings, Art Lovers!

As October coming to an end, it is time to soak in the seasonal vibes with a captivating gallery walk! This month's gallery evening promises to be a special treat, with a total of 27 galleries participating. Narrowing down our top recommendations wasn't easy, given the abundance of unique offerings. Nevertheless, we've curated a list of our favourite exhibitions for you!

Here are Riga Last Thursdays team's Top 5 exhibitions to visit in October 2023 gallery evening!

427 gallery: Masha Kovtun, Olga Krykun “Serenade of Shadows”

This exhibition is going to have its exhibition opening in Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening! The first collaboration at 427 gallery between two Ukrainian artists based in Prague.

Čehova teātra galerija: Krišs Salmanis “CONNECTION”

This exhibition is a reflection on living together in a situation of mutual estrangement. Created at the intersection of art, nature and technology, the exhibition interrogates the difference between genuine community and mere copresence in a single space.

Latvijas Laikmetīgās mākslas muzeja fonda jaunā izstāžu zāle: Uffe Isolotto "Mūsu mājas bija zeme. Uzplaukums"

Spectacular Venice biennale Danish pavilion is reinterpreted in Riga as “We Walked the Earth: The Growth”! The exhibition involves a wide range of creative collaborators – from a glass sculptor to set painters to make-up artists and more – and its production compares to that of a movie.

MASA art gallery: Arts and crafts market - an unusual gallery evening concept

Arts and crafts market - an unusual gallery evening concept in which 15 artists and craftspeople will participate.

At the market will be possible to purchase paintings, ceramics, decorations, jewelry, clothes, candles, and much more. This event aims to develop the local creative community, support artists who have recently relocated to Latvia, and provide visitors with unique handmade things that will bring them joy for years to come!

Provodņiks: RLT new initiative - creative quarters and exhibition Annija Marija Silanagle “Silkscreens”

This month, we are excited to announce a new RLT initiative focusing on creative quarters. Discover the creative districts as mechanisms for urban regeneration, explore how galleries and artist studios thrive within these districts, and understand their positive impact on society. Plus, we invite you to check out the exhibition at Provodņiks by Annija Marija Silanagle!

Check out the Google Map here.

See you on Thursday!


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