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RLT recommends: March

Join us for a special gallery walk this month on the 28th of March – as spring blooms around us, it's the perfect time to immerse yourself in art. With the promise of warmer days ahead, what better way to welcome the season than by exploring the vibrant galleries in our community? Come join us for an evening filled with creativity and inspiration – it's bound to be a memorable experience!

This month, RLT team has selected 5 galleries we recommend!

Kalnciema kvartāla galerija: A pop-up art market "Art Hunt"

A pop-up art market, meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at Kalnciema kvartāla galerija!

The annual pop-up art market "Art Hunt" will take place in the Kalnciema Quarter gallery in cooperation with young Latvian artists. "Art Hunt" will offer to view and buy the freshest works of more than 300 students and graduates of the Latvian Academy of Arts, created in various techniques - oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, graphics, textile art, jewelry and ceramics.

Kim?: Solo exhibition “Behavioral Sink” by Miķelis Mūrnieks + Group show “Cheese is time, time is money, money is monopoly”

Kim?, in collaboration with VV Foundation, presents the largest solo show of artist Miķelis Mūrnieks to date.

Our attention has been directed to the need to be more fluid — in times of dynamic change, it will become a valuable tool for managing everyday life. With the capitalist work rhythm dictating the tempo of everyday life, a hypnotic state can be reached that is as though gazing at the ceaseless flow of water. The sculpting of this formless substance is the primary material common denominator for the works displayed in the exhibition. Drawn in a whirlpool of the mass of various rules, consumer illusions, and systems, the viewer is invited to explore the environment in which the artist untangles deeply personal yet, at the same time, socially descriptive experiences that are hidden behind a dreamy yet fragile shroud. The threads of contradiction and incomprehension are reflected not only in the world of ideas but also in the manifestly visible — surprising variety of states of water.

Group exhibition, “Cheese is time, time is money, money is monopoly”.

Organized by SIGNAL – Center for Contemporary Art (Malmö).

To live costs money. For some, the market is ready to turn a business idea from a dream to reality. For others, the door is only open to parallel activities based on the same business model — supply and demand. The difference is spelled exclusion. Exclusion from the market, from society, from the right to an equal life.

LOOK: Atis Jākobsons "Monāde"

Exhibition opening, meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at LOOK!

The monad (from the Greek unit), as an element of sacred geometry and the origin of our reality, is referred to by Atis Jakobsons in his latest exhibition with the same title. The artist relates it to the origin of consciousness and, subsequently, to the origin of the world as we know it today. The exhibition confronts us with the dividing lines between the mind and objective reality, inner struggles within the framework of a painting, the path of human transformation.

MASA studija: Group exhibition "Revival"

The exhibition "Revival" is inspired by the style of 19th-century Parisian art salons and is intended as a source of inspiration and support in difficult times. Artists will present works that symbolize hope, rebirth and a new perspective on the world. It offers viewers a chance to step away from everyday worries and find a spark of hope and newness in art. The opening event will feature a musical performance by Jāzeps Mediņš music school students.

Galerija ASNI: Group exhibition "Unparalleled Surrealities"

Meet the artist and curator's tour at 19 at gallery ASNI!

Group exhibition "Unparalleled Surrealities", through the works of three young

painters - Katrīna Biksone, Ieva Putniņa and Dāvis Ozols - invites to take a look at the role of surreality in today's art. The three seemingly diverse new generation Latvian artists have chosen painting as their medium, including in their themes a heightened interest in the human unconscious and especially its manifestations in dreams.

We invite you to conclude the gallery evening at M/Gallery, where the afterparty will take place with Virtual Ground.

Virtual Ground is a UK-based label founded by experienced designers and musicians out of the need to provide a more cohesive and eclectic nightlife experience, combined with exceptional branding and graphics. Producing everything in-house, they remained in integrity, creating lush audio-visual memories for the people. They can be heard spinning and eclectic selection of dance floor heaters across Londons radio waves. Producing everything in-house, they have organised successful events, shared the stage with underground dance pioneers like Kettama and Client_03, with tracks spun by the likes of Skin On Skin and Bluetoof.

Two of Virtual Grounds founders, Flliot and Kid Claude, will be coming down to Riga to share their love for music and provide high energy throughout the M/Gallery venue.

See you soon!


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