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RLT Recommends: July 2023 | Top 5 Must-Visit Exhibitions

Greetings, Art Lovers!

As July bids us farewell, we can't help but revel in the wonderful weather it has bestowed upon us. And what better way to embrace the summery vibes than with a delightful gallery walk! This month's gallery evening promises to be a treat, with a total of 26 galleries participating. You can find details and a map of the event here. Narrowing down our top recommendations wasn't easy, given the abundance of unique offerings. Nevertheless, we've managed to curate a list of our favorite exhibitions for you!

Find below Riga Last Thursdays team's Top 5 exhibitions to visit in July 2023 gallery evening!

1. CUT ART Gallery - A charming newcomer to Riga's art scene, this quaint gallery nestled in the Quiet Centre is showcasing lithographs by the legendary movie director David Lynch.

2. TĪRKULTŪRA AUDIOVISUAL SUMMER GALLERY - Embracing the spirit of "Tīrkultura" residencies and traveling radio, this summer gallery program brings together artists from diverse fields in a specific space. From July 27 onwards, artists, musicians, and creators of audio performances will transform the first floor space of the former Faculty of Biology, along with its surrounding area, into their creative haven. Join the event in person at Kronvalda bulvāris 4, with an entrance from the side of the Riga city canal.

3, 4, 5. Provodņiks, LOOK, M/Gallery - All three galleries are hosting exhibition openings on this special evening. Provodņiks presents thought-provoking works by Baiba Vagule, reflecting on the role of plastic packaging in our modern society and environment. LOOK displays captivating oil paintings by Miķelis Fišers, inspired by Kargo cult stories. Meanwhile, M/Gallery showcases a captivating collection of textiles and paintings by Emma Sofia, exploring the theme of mental health and the therapeutic power of Marina motifs.

+ But wait, there's more! MASA and Tallinas Kvartāla "Projektu māja" are also hosting exhibition openings, complete with special performances and curator tours. At Art RC Gallery, Čehova teātra galerija, DOM, ISSP, NESTER CUSTOM, and TUR, you'll have a unique opportunity to meet the artists behind the exhibitions and delve into their art, concepts, or even discuss art purchase inquiries.

And to cap off this art-filled month, we're thrilled to announce a Double Afterparty at M/Gallery (A.Briāna 9) and TUR (Tallinas iela 10). Get ready to groove to the beats at M/Gallery, where Michael Holland will be spinning eclectic tunes from around the world, with a focus on electronic music. Alternatively, head over to TUR for a techno and rave-style party featuring Malicka and her all-women DJ collective PR0_Bi$TR0 (BMW AUDI, Otra PuSSyte, DJ verynice) along with a special guest, DJ limpo. Decisions, decisions - why not experience both? Luckily, the two locations are just a short walk away.

Best of all, all events and exhibitions are free to attend! So, grab your friends and embark on a fantastic gallery walk.

Wishing you an artful and enjoyable experience!


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