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RLT recommends: February

Join us for a special gallery walk this month on the 29th of February – a date that only comes around every four years! Spring is almost here, making it the perfect time to check out many awesome galleries. Come see for yourself – it's going to be a great time!

This month, our team has selected 7 galleries we recommend!

LOOK: Kristīne Daukšte "Vakar aizmirsu, šodien atkārtojos"

Exhibition opening, meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at LOOK!

The exhibition "Vakar aizmirsu, šodien atkārtojos" is a continuation of Kristīne's interest in the relationship between space, objects and the body, the factual and theoretical layers in objects, environment and society. Kristīne explores the significance of these relationships in individual and collective experience, which is linked to the human attempt to become aware of oneself as part of society and the environment.

Māksla XO: Oto Holgers Ozoliņš „Why would anyone want to run a marathon and quit smoking?

„Why would anyone want to run a marathon and quit smoking?

I thought about the quitting smoking marathon like every year. A thought that often crosses a smoker’s mind after a day of heavy smoking. This time, however, there was a devised plan of action. It might seem absurd, but perhaps this unconventional approach sets this attempt apart from previous ones.

It is clear that we like to smoke, but we don’t like to run. Is it possible to make it so that you like running and don’t like smoking? 

It’s exactly six months until the start of the marathon...


Don’t know what to expect? Five minutes after waking up, I thought about smoking. I couldn’t remember the dream. (14.11.22. 06:10) First journal entry…” Oto Holgers Ozoliņš.

PILOT: Exhibition "Transition" of LMA students and lecturers

A meeting with the artists, an interactive dialogue (questionnaire) about drawing in which visitors are invited to participate and a tour with the curator at 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30 at PILOT!

The exhibition “Transition” is on view from February 8 in the experimental art space PILOT of the Art Academy of Latvia. It is created in collaboration between tutors and students in order to highlight and actualize the practice of contemporary drawing in the study process in the Art Academy. 

The exhibition showcases the medium of drawing and a conversation about vision, the phenomenon of vision – the spectrum of colors and the black and white. How can it be related to the progress of contemporary drawing; how does the vision affect the creative work of each author?

RIXC gallery: Solveig Settemsdal "OK SWALLOW GREAT"

We recommend visiting one of the newcomers - RIXC gallery. "OK SWALLOW GREAT" is an exhibition that navigates the intersections and disjunctions between physical and digital realities. Through the juxtaposition of real footage with Google 3D algorithmic visualizations, the artist explores the complexities of man-made structures, waterways, and ecological disasters in the deserts of California, questioning the interplay between these contrasting versions of reality.

RSU Anatomijas muzejs: Baiba Rieber "Piece-ful"

Another newcomer is the RSU Anatomy Museum. Baiba Rieber's exhibition "Piece-Ful" at the RSU Anatomy Museum unveils a unique exploration of humanity through hand-embroidered portraits, capturing fragments of faces from the museum's wet specimen collection. Straying from anatomical references and embracing a color palette divergent from traditional associations, Rieber transforms medical gauze into a canvas, creating portraits that oscillate between the delicate and resilient, embodying the duality of life and death within the museum's anonymous subjects.

Rīgas mākslas telpa: Beate Poikāne "Parade of flying episodes"

Curator's Tour at 18:00!

In Parade of Flying Episodes Beate Poikāne depicts the lustful, nocturnal experience in dream sequences. The performance Parade of Flying Episodes (2023), Poikāne’s Master’s research in Scenography at the Art Academy of Latvia, was the starting point for this picturesque venture. Together with Andrejs Poikāns, sound artist, and Laima Jaunzema, choreographer and performer, Poikāne took inspiration from Gaston Bachelard's essay Air and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Movement (1943), mythological legends, science, art-historical discourses, but also personal dream experiences to show a series of flying episodes. In this exhibition context Poikāne extends the artistic research and translates the performative moment into space.

Rīgas mākslas telpa: Ansis Rozentāls’ solo exhibition "A Look Around"

Meet the Artist!

The exhibition “A Look Around” introduces visitors to the artist's latest series of paintings, which explore the transformation of the landscape genre through the prism of contemporary art. The exhibition is a kind of visual essay in which Ansis Rozentāls will explain his vision of landscape, its role in his life and at the same time the eternal and changing essence of nature.

TUR: Kaspars Groševs "Café de Paris"

Exhibition opening, meet the artist and curator’s tour on demand at TUR!

It was in Café de Paris in Vilnius where Kaspars Groševs first heard the music of Omar-S and in the collective murmur of people's chatter mixed with Detroit techno he might have started a conversation that continues to this day. A place of dimmed lights and flowing drinks, where, floating in different fields and frequencies, all worries could disappear. At TUR_telpa, Groševs seeks to continue the conversation after returning to Riga from a month in Paris where he sought the comfort of bars and cafes, finding inspiration for a new series of paintings and an escape from the everyday.

The last excursion around Riga's creative quarters is taking place in one of the beloved Riga gathering and culture spots – Tallinnas Street Quarter. It has an amazing casual vibe, delicious street food, and good music with colorful street art in the background. But garages and buildings in Tallinas quarter also have a story to tell. Maybe the freedom and revolutionary spirit are just an aura of the past?

We invite you to join us for a guided tour and explore the history, hidden treasures, and actual and future plans of Tallinas Street Quarter. Of course in the end we will visit some local residents and then we can celebrate the end of the project together! Meeting point: Entrance from Miera iela 34 at 19:00.

See you soon!


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