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RLT in the summer x Balcia

As the summer reaches its peak, while the sun-drenched days still occasionally grace us, a subtle shift in the air hints at the impending arrival of fall. As people revel in the final moments of the warm season, Riga embraces the opportunity to offer a vibrant cultural experience. The city and its surroundings are brimming with events, making it an ideal destination for culture lovers seeking an artistic adventure.

Latvia has its charm all year round, but summer holds a special allure for those who crave cultural exploration. From music festivals in the forests to film screenings on the beach, there's something for everyone. Amidst this creative extravaganza, don't miss the Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening, which will take place on the 31st of August.

This monthly event allows you to immerse yourself in the art scene, hopping from one gallery to another in a single evening. Whether you choose to stroll, cycle, scooter, or hop on and off buses, embrace the opportunity to dedicate this day to art.

Navigating Riga is a breeze, but if you have your own mode of transportation—a bike, bicycle, or scooter—it's wise to ensure it. Our friends at Balcia Insurance offer coverage tailored to your city-lifestyle needs. They've recently launched a user-friendly app, enabling you to explore their offerings, sign up, and cancel anytime, anywhere. Don't miss their City Combo for comprehensive coverage that suits your requirements.

This month, a total of 26 art galleries await your enthusiastic and safe exploration throughout Riga. Let's embrace this opportunity with excitement and enjoy a remarkable evening filled with art. See you very soon!

Team at RLT

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