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“DOES IT MATTER?”, artworks by Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Tolis Tatolas

AB Dambis 2


Artworks from the exhibition 'DOES IT MATTER?'


Video installation 'Let's go' (2018) by Filippos Tsitsopoulos


Filippos Tsitsopoulos is introducing his new body of work in his Let’s Go! performative Series. Inventing an imaginary reality between himself and the objects surrounding him, Tsitsopoulos questions the very nature of the objects that surround us. What if an object could talk, or breath or see? What if they could talk-what would they say and what should we say to them? Using Theatre as an interlocutor this ongoing performative work becomes a metaphor for social and emotional struggle and the ability to overcome.

In an installation and performative piece at the River Thames In London, August 2018, the artist, was trying to convince the old  Vessel Royal Iris of Liverpool to join him by tiding himself up with the ropes that keep her on shore and dragging her back by all means to the deep midstream waters of the river meanwhile was performing a theatrical monologue who reflects her supposed feelings and rejection to move on.  


Installation 'Diversity's Ark' (2022) by Tolis Tatolas


In 2000 a sunken concrete dock was raised from the bottom of the Daugava river. A group of visionary people transformed it into an exhibition space and floating stage. The name given to this cultural venue, NOASS, is full of biblical and apocalyptic connotations.


By 2022, at the end (hopefully) of a pandemic that threatened and put harshly to the test of the entire humankind, we have become familiar with PCR, the most reliable test to trace the covid19 virus in humans. PCR is a biological procedure that is used for mapping the genetic material of organisms through sequencing and also for tracing alien DNA in them. The Diversity’s Ark was conceived as an installation of about 240sqm that resembles a PCR, enveloping NOASS’s outer shell.

Working hours on 25.08 (RLT) 18-22

AB Dambis 2

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