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“EXHIBITION 1.5” by Eduards Tutins, Kseniya Orlovska, Jevgeniya Vakuh, Kseniya Labecka, Ilze Pavare

Alauksta iela 7a, Riga


Gallery MASA is a non-commercial art project, which was created to support artists, allowing them to exhibit artworks regardless of education, experience, age or status. Our aspiration is to help artists find their audience, and what is more, offer alternative content to the audience. We have established a community, where creative people can express themselves, gain inspiration, discuss various topics and meet like-minded people.


The gallery was founded in June 2020 in the former bridge factory near Ganibu dambis and was named CON-NON-CON. In 2021, the project was reopened under the name MASA. We are a part of the NVO PROGRESS association and operate as a non-profit organization. Our home is located in the historical building in the very heart of Grizinkalns, where the renovation was made with our hands respecting traditions and preserving the industrial style.


We invite you to the EXHIBITION 1.5 at MASA gallery, which is open from the 27th of July, finally gathering vivid ensemble of 5 artists and reviving our group exhibition cycle. Visitors will get caught up in the whirlwind of 5 diverse flamboyant energies and dive in each one to learn their immersive stories.


Participants: Eduards Tutins, Kseniya Orlovska, Jevgeniya Vakuh, Kseniya Labecka, Ilze Pavare.

Curators: Kseniya Afanasyeva, Nika Kutuzova.



  • you enter the wooden gate and see the red door

  • go to the 2nd floor

  • ON THE RIGHT - passing through Freeshop, you will enter MASA gallery

  • ON THE LEFT - big doors in the smoking area will lead you to Dzīvoklis


RLT schedule 28.07. at Alauksta 7a:

~ EXHIBITION 1.5 at Masa 18 - 23

~ Open Mic at Dzīvoklis 19 - 23


[ Event description ]

What would you do with 15 minutes on a microphone?


OPEN MIC at Dzīvoklis | @progressnvo

Thursday, 28th July, starting at 19:00. 

Dance, read your masterpieces, slam poetry, shatters of your soul, stand-up, play tunes, sing, scream, drone, chirp, sing-along, act, make a performance - you can have your 15 mins of Glory at our monthly event - Open Mic. Share your performance with the beautiful no-judging crowd, gathering to listen and respect each other. 



Come to the beginning to be polite and respectful to other participants


Sign in advance - write to @SlavaSlav99. You also can sign-in on the day of the event, but it can be packed already.


All acts are invited to take to the stage: comedians, poets, actors, rappers, musicians, magicians etc.

Working hours:

Opening event - 27.07. 18 - 23

The EXHIBITION 1.5 is available daily 29.07. - 28.08., 14:00 - 20:00.

Opening hours on 28.07 (RLT) 18-23

Alauksta iela 7a

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