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Exhibition of Shady Ladies

This is not an ordinary exhibition. Available 24/7, the elements create countless variations of interpretations. Here's what the artistic duo 'Shady Ladies' has to say about it:

"It was a hot week in August. Hippie was high again. He had smelled the meadows of the late summer and decided to lay down in a pine forest nearby. The cones did not pierce his feet, they were hardened and solid as wooden blocks. To make his sleep as sweet as raspberry pie, a hippie applied raspberry honey oil on his body. Around 9 o'clock, a bear came into the forest. Hippie, having seen the bear, showed "peace". The bear, having perceived the chilled attitude, went closer to meet. The hippie couldn't know it was a honey bear, and the bear couldn't know the hippie was covered in honey. Nature has its own rules that do not have a place for mistakes, so there was an accident, and the bear ate the hippie, leaving only a hand with a "peace" sign. Licking his paws, the bear looked at something – a hippie hat was laying in the moss. It was a stylish, really stylish hat. The bear put it on his head and went out of the forest towards the sea. He went to the nightclub "Red Bull". Its owner is a cis bull."


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