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Art Gallery TIFĀNA


Jāņa iela 16

LV: "SPACETIME" Pigmentprinting on paper & plastic [Tikšanās ar mākslinieku] [Tūre ar kuratoru pēc pieprasījuma]

Eksperimentālas pigmentdrukas uz dažādām virsmām .

ENG: "SPACETIME" Pigmentprinting on paper & plastic [Meet the Artist] [Curator’s Tour on demand]

Pigment printing from  candid photography and related genres like street photography and still- lifes mixing with fine art photography.

In his practice Edvarts gathers ideas from his free time studies in psychiatry and psychology, which complements his broader interest in human behavior and values. Alongside it he gets much of his inspiration from tales, mythologies and legends of different cultures.

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