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"VEINS" by Madara Kvēpa

Ģertrūdes iela 62A, Riga


Since time immemorial, man has sought to control natural processes in his favour, however, such interference in natural chaos has led to disastrous consequences. "Wild nature" has almost disappeared from this planet, the consequences of human intervention are found everywhere. The future is not possible without conservation of nature and restoration strategies.

The young painter Madara Kvēpa describes her latest series of works as notes of a city dweller about longing for nature. In the paintings created by her, synthetic materials intertwine with natural ones, abstract forms with mimetic ones, oil painting with elements of street art, thus highlighting the ambiguity of her position.

On the one hand, in the Western world, there is a growing tendency to strive for everything natural, real and untouched, but on the other hand, a large part of humanity reflects on it, always choosing to stay in the reality offered by the concrete jungle, limiting the tendency to indulge in downshifting due to the fast pace of life quality of life).

With her latest exhibition, Kvēpa does not provide ecologically instructive solutions, but rather emphasizes that the same life energy flows in our veins - found in human anatomy, in the structure of a plant.

Opening hours on 28.07 (RLT) 18-22​

Ģertrūdes iela 62A

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