“INLET” by Elza Lapiņa

Ģertrūdes iela 115, Riga


Past events and their true forms are only experienced by various artifacts, their remains or imprints that open up a new field of interpretation. The past cannot be grasped directly, its understanding is mediated by memories, which can be both individual and stored in collective rituals, stories and objects. In this way, the past can be continuously relived, constantly revealing new perspectives and understandings. Somewhere in these processes, new stories tend to be created, creating their own unique world, telling about the past that may never have happened.


The exhibition examines the materiality of memories and the reconstruction of past events guided by the remnants of their testimonies, using the key word - restoration term - "Inlet", which refers to the restoration of missing parts of objects, filling them with the same or similar material that imperceptibly adheres to the original.


Elza Lapiņa graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, Motion.Image.Sound department in 2022. She is also greatly influenced by working as a restorer of polychrome wood for many years. Lapiņa creates audiovisual works and installations, often paying a lot of attention to the surrounding environment and space. Since 2018, she has been participating in contemporary art exhibitions and events in Latvia, Lithuania and Belgium.


Working hours 25.08 (RLT) 18-22

Ģertrūdes iela 115