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Maxim Boxer Gallery


LV: Katia Kameneva "Logs uz mieru" [Tūre ar kuratoru pēc pieprasījuma]

Šī izstāde aicina pārdomāt globālā naratīva sarežģītību, mudinot mūs meklēt mieru un harmoniju aiz robežām un reģioniem. Katijas Kameņevas māksla, ko veidojis viņas neparastais dzīves ceļojums, sniedz dziļu ieskatu trauslā līdzsvarā starp ilgām pēc mierīgas pasaules un mūsu pašreizējās realitātes skarbumu. Tā mudina mūs iesaistīties jēgpilnā dialogā, veicinot empātiju un sapratni, kopīgi tiecoties pēc gaišākas un harmoniskākas nākotnes.

ENG: Katia Kameneva “Window to the Peace” [Curator’s Tour on demand]

When we were witnessing the events in Crimea back in 2014, there was a sense of naivety and hope that we could navigate through the situation with minimal consequences. Katia Kameneva's powerful series from that year, titled 'Peace for the World. Origami,' now addresses the questions that emerged during that tumultuous time. As we looked upon the unfolding events, the slogan 'Miru Mir,' with its dual meaning of peace and world in Russian, gained renewed strength and significance. Today, in a different reality, 'Miru Mir' encapsulates the profound desire for peace for the entire globe. Unfortunately, peace seems elusive now, overshadowed by the unsettling presence of war.

Amidst these uncertainties, the once-perceived lightness and delicacy of origami take on new meanings. As Katia Kameneva expressed, her artistic journey continues by illustrating a world in turmoil, with the hope that one day a window will open to reveal the dreamt and longed-for serenity of a peaceful world for all humanity. Through her creative expression, Katia serves as a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness and shared existence in this complex world.

This exhibition invites us to reflect on the complexities of the global narrative, prompting us to seek peace and harmony beyond borders and regions. Katia Kameneva's art, shaped by her extraordinary life journey, offers a profound glimpse into the delicate balance between the longing for a peaceful world and the harshness of our current reality. It urges us to engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering empathy and understanding as we collectively strive for a brighter and more harmonious future.

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