"Blossom Rain" by Elga Grīnvalde

K. Valdemāra iela 69, Riga


Elga Grīnvalde "Ziedu lietus" ("Blossom Rain").


"Where do we find peace?" - we ask the artist Elga Grīnvalde. "In the eternal and permanent" - she answers. "In nature, the flow of seasons. Spring and fall is the time for energy, change, revolutions but then comes the never-ending green or white."


Artist found the title for this exhibition in a Zen Buddhist collection of koans. One of them describes how an apprentice of Buddha experiences a moment of enlightenment sitting under a blossoming tree:


"One day Subhuti in a mood of elated emptiness sat under a tree. Blossoms began to fall about him.

- You spoke well on the emptiness, whispered the deities.

- But I haven't spoken on emptiness at all, Subhuti said.

- You haven't spoken on the emptiness and we haven't heard the emptiness, said the deities. That is a real emptiness.

And the blossoms fell on Subhuti like rain."

Opening hours on 30.06 (RLT) 18-22

K. Valdemāra iela 69, Riga