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"Around the horizon, corners implode" by Luīze Nežberte (LV/AT) & Lukas Kaufmann (AT)

Āpšu iela 4, Riga


Ag Gallery presents ‘Around the horizon, corners implode’ a new show by Luīze Nežberte (LV/AT) & Lukas Kaufmann (AT).


In their duo exhibition at Ag Gallery, Vienna based artists Luīze Nežberte and Lukas Kaufmann show collaborative works that respond to the spatial setting of the gallery. Furthermore they try to shift  ways of understanding  as doors become carriers of images and corridor walls no longer set dimensional boarders but melt into a continuos horizon.

Opening hours on 28.07 (RLT) 17-22

Āpšu iela 4, Rīga, Torņakalns

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