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"Sapņi un Kokteiļi" by Raids Kalniņš & Shady Ladies

Stabu iela 70, Riga


"Dreams and Cocktails"
Raids Kalnins and Shady Ladies
Curator: Kaspars Groševs
17/06 - 30/07/2022


We started with fish, wrapped and served generously. We wandered through Malenia to Kurzeme, from Prague to the Vermane Garden. Encounters - always sporadic but fertile, with sediments leaching over the waves and trapped in the air. Listening to the voice of Mārīte Veisberga, we draw strokes and fragments in an imaginary event, which is finally revealed as a conversation of materials and threads in the room.

Opening hours on 28.07 (RLT) 18-22

Stabu iela 70, Riga

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